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February 24, 2013
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Dib clenched his fists in anger digging his nails deep into his palms as he stared outraged as he heard so of the conversation the tallest were having with Zim. He sucked at his lipring and kept his mouth shut as the tallest teased Zim more.

" it looks like taking over earth isn't the only thing you failed at." Red pointed toward Zims' neck and snickered. Zim brought a fingerless gloved hand up to his neck and lowered his head. Dib tried not to think of that horrible day when he'd found the unconscious irken lying next to a bloody razer blade, Dib shook his head to clear his thought and continued to listen.

"Zim what's wrong did finding out we could care less about you upset you that bad" Purple burst out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Zim reached out and turned off the moniter, his legs seemed to collaspe out from under him. Dib rushed out from where he had been standing. he kneeled down behind the irken and wrapped his arms around the slender form. Zim made no movement but to slump into the humans embrace. Dib mentally cursed himself for being the cause of Zim's pain, in a fit of rage he had told the irken to kill himself he hadn't thought Zim would try. after he had found Zim and fixed his wound, he held the irken close to him and apologized over and over again until he woke up."i'm sorry Dib, i just didn't want you to hate me." were the first audible words that Zim said. Dib just cluched him tighter tears streaming down his face. now six monthes later he still hadn't forgiven himself for it.

"it's okay just ignore them they'll never understand you like i do" Dib whispered as he reached out and lightly traced his fingers across Zims' neck stopping at the scar and planting a small kiss on it. Zim leaned back into Dibs' hoodie and sighed contently. he was glad he had hurt himself that day if he hadn't he would've never known Dib cared this much for him. He had also found out that day that he was a masochist, from then on he had scarred himself over and over again. Dib was the only one who knew his pain/pleasure, he had seen dib's arms littered with the same scarring. Zim had gotten so bad he had started wearing a longsleeve sweater and t-shirt all the time to hide them. Zim reached out and pulled himself free of Dib's hold then turned back around, pushed the teen down and pulled of his hoodie. He proceeded to lick at the scars on dibs' arms.

" stop that zim you know i don't like you doing that" Dib tried to push Zim off him. He had told the irken before he didn't like being reminded of what he'd done to himself."well i do..." Zim purred near Dibs' ear but obendiently backed off whiched allowed dib to pull himself up and then on top of the alien.

"i know" Dib quietly said as he slowly pulled Zims' striped shirt off, he mimicked the irken's movements and started kissing and licking at Zims' arm. Zim closed his eyes and lightly hissed as Dib made his way to the newer ones, he loved it. Dib stopped and looked up at the irken.

"why do this to yourself" he asked weakly. "the same reason you did" Zim purred finnaly opened his eyes, gliding his fingers across Dib's arms again. Dib had never wanted to admit that he had enjoyed the pain but zim could tell. there was just a way that Dibs' eyes had glazed over when he had cut Dibs' chest a few days ago. Dib grabbed the irkens hand and pinned it down with the other one. "i said stop" Dib commanded this time.

Zim stared wide eyed at the teen, then slowly lidded his eyes and whispered "please hurt me" Dib leaned down and captured Zim's lips with his own. Zim's gasp was muffled as Dib removed Zims purple and black wig. he yanked at the antennea now in his grasp knowing it would drive the irken insane. he finnaly released the kiss but not before zim sucked dibs' lipring back into his mouth, grabbing a handful of Dib's blue tipped raven hair.

"more... please" Zim purred. Dib yanked his hair free, leaned up and captured Zims' other antennea in his mouth sucking at the piercing Dib had given him a few monthes back. Zim whined in a needy way so he dug his nails into Zim's chest. Zim howled in pain/pleasure. Dib smirked, Zim was kinda cute when he was in pain. After Dib released his death grip he had on Zims' antennea. Zim pulled himself up and into another kiss.

"why do i have to love you this bad."Zim whispered "i don't think you love me you just love what i can do to you" Dib smirked and brought his face down for a kiss but was inturrupted by loud cackles coming from the moniter above them. "well what do we have here" Red stared down at them bemused. Zim ignored his leaders, stood up pulling Dib up with him and turned Dib around so that he wasn't looking at the screen. Zim pulled at Dib's choker and kissed the surprised teen and then proceeded to flip off his leaders who quickly ended the transmittion.

"how much do you think they saw" Dib asked trying to catch his breath. "who cares" Zim purred and started to put his shirt back on. Dib grabbed his hoodie and started toward to entrance to the main part of Zim's house Zim followed until Dib got near the front door.

"don't leave yet" Zim lead him back toward the couch. Gir was pushed off as Zim sat down next to Dib then layed down and placed his head on Dib's lap. Gir made his way back onto the couch and curled up on Zim's lap. He was content to stay that way forever.
i was feeling depressed so i wanted to write something to cheer myself up and this was what came out of my insane head. i used to hurt myself in middle school and dicided to make a zadr fanfic out of it. i myself am a masochist so i wanted to make zim one too(evil me wins again). this story goes with the drawing i did earlier and explains how zim got his scar.
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i love it, it so, it so...amazing.
DRRRfan13 Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you
your very welcome. :):):):):):):):):):):):)
which drawing? can you send me a link?
:( awww. do you feel better now?

- it's a great story though :) and well written :)
DRRRfan13 Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah i do. i got some new piercings too so that also made me feel better. thank you so much.
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